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In an alternate universe Amy Winehouse is still alive.  She is married with two children and works as a file clerk for an accounting firm.  She once got a bit tipsy at the company Christmas party and when it was time for the Christmas Carol sing-along, she began belting out carols in a big, sultry voice that both shocked and amazed her co-workers.  The next day she was politely complimented on her singing voice by her boss.  Embarrassed, she resolved to never get tipsy again, and only drinks once a year on New Years Eve, but never to excess.  She sings to her children, but is too self-conscious about her voice to sing in front of others.   Her children and her husband are the center of her universe and she is very happy.

Amy Winehouse in an Alternate Universe

I swear this was meant as a tribute. I draw like a promising 7th grader.