My NPR Tiny Desk Contest Entry

Posted: April 2, 2019 in Uncategorized

I have long been fascinated by NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series. I love seeing acts I know reworking their sound to fit the space, and I especially love discovering new artists. So naturally I wanted to take part in the Tiny Desk Contest when I heard about it a few years ago. Last year was the first time I was in a position to enter – that is having ready music – with my band, Shot in the Dark. I also had the pleasure of being part of KnightressM1’s entry. Although I never expected to win I thought KnightressM1 had a chance of getting a shout out because violinist, Emily Palen, is a force of nature.  But it’s a big contest  . . .

This year I’ve decided to enter solo.  The song I chose is called “Ghost” and it was first recorded for my EP Phases Like the Moon.  The original recording features Karen Mitchell on shared vocals and Glen Douglas on guitar, giving the track an ethereal alternative rock feeling (at least that was the goal). I’ve rearranged it into a jangly piano piece which I’d like to think gives off the vaguest hint of The Cure.  You can listen to both tracks below.  Let me know if I’m way off base with my reference to The Cure.  Any feedback is appreciated!



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