For Every Action . . .

Posted: July 12, 2011 in motherhood, music, Somewhere in between phases
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I often find I get the most work accomplished by setting out to do a task and, in avoidance of it,  I end up doing another task I have put off.  For instance, I seem to have written and recorded a lot of music because I really needed to clean my house.   Even  back when I was in college I found the best time for working on a long, involved term paper was when I was sitting in a lecture on another subject.   In short, if you put me in a situation that requires me to do activity A, I will inevitably find a way to do activity B.

 And so now I have finished my CD and I have a long list of plans designed to promote it.  This in and of itself is a slippery slope, because Rational Me keeps telling myself, “You’ve reached your goal.  Anything that happens after this is icing on the cake. But recognize that it’s an angel food cake – very light, a bit bland and probably no icing.”  But Fanciful Me says “You go, girl! Who knows what could happen.  Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!” (Fanciful Me is hoping to receive a cease and desist from Casey Kasem because any publicity is good publicity).

 In addition to promoting my CD, I’ve got lots of practicing to do for my CD release show (I’m playing not just my solo stuff, but also a set with The Little Things and then again with Falling Pauli), and I’m also doing some shows in Second Life on July 18th and a large festival on July 24th.  The Second Life shows require a whole different set of material and performance style.  After adding it all up, I need to practice 90 minutes of music at a shot to stay on top of the game until the 24th.   Suddenly my music is becoming . . . work with commitments and responsibilities. I feel the push and I start to feel pushed away.  It’s almost like Newton’s third law of motion played out emotionally. 

 So naturally all I want to do now is play with my kids and keep the house tidy.  Not just serviceable tidy,   we’re talking reorganizing closets and cupboards, updating my towels and sheets to match the new colors of my freshly painted bedroom and bathroom,  washing my car and cleaning out the inside with a vacuum and cloth.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even make an angel food cake with a light glaze, and eat it too.

Mmmmmm, cake!

  1. Suzette says:

    Oh Paula, you always make me laugh so, and also I so often recognize myself in your descriptons of yourself. But, as usual, I am so impressed that you actually have the follow through to commit your thoughts to paper with engaging and witty writing. Thank you for making me laugh before I go attack (or more acurately get attacked by) the mess which is our downstairs. I can’t wait until your CD release party where I am certain you will rock, and hey, I’m even looking forward to seeing those new towels and linens you atypical domestic goddess!

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