A Straight Mom’s Guide to San Francisco on Gay Pride Weekend 2011

Posted: June 23, 2011 in motherhood, music, Random Writings, Somewhere in between phases

Back when I lived in the city proper, Gay Pride weekend meant that most of my friends were having parties and celebrating.  I was often the token straight girl in the crowd and I loved going along for the ride.  I vowed that should I ever become  a mother I would bring my kids to the parade and be completely open with them about all kinds of love and relationships.  And should any of my children one day be part of the LGBT community, I would be totally cool with that. 

Then Z came along and my husband and I moved out of the city to the suburbs where the streets were safer and the schools were better.  Z turned out to be the kind of kid who doesn’t deal well with crowds, and so the Pride Parade has never felt like a good idea as a family outing.  In fact, I don’t think he’s ever been to a parade of any kind.  

Sometimes I will casually mention to Z that this person and that person are not just friends, but are in love, like his dad and I.  This boggles Z’s mind as the heterosexual couple is the norm in our society even in the bay area.  Z knows these people; these are our friends who come to our family gatherings,  and friends who have babysat Z and his brother.  I realize that there’s no need to force the issue or make him uncomfortable,  so I’ve been trying to figure out what I do want him to know at this point.  Kids at school calling other kids gay as a derogatory term – not  okay in my book.  Realizing that some of our close friends are not married because they can’t legally be married – that’s discrimination and it’s something to fight against.  I’m not sure if there’s more for him to understand at this point.  I am considering taking him to the Dyke March on Saturday in Dolores Park.  We would be going with another family and hopefully have a fun afternoon.

So what am I doing on Pride Weekend?  Glad you asked.

Starting tomorrow night, Friday, June 24th, I’m playing a half hour set at The Brainwash Cafe with The Passion Kings.  I go on around 9:00 pm and I’ll be debuting some new material, so stop by if you get a chance.

On Saturday I may be taking my kids to the Dyke March as I’ve already mentioned.   And then in the evening I’m taking part in a music salon organized by my fabulous vocal teacher, Karina Denike.  This event starts at 6:30 PM and is held at a private live/work space, but if you’re in the area and interested in attending e-mail me and I’ll give you details.  paula@phaseslikethemoon.com

Sunday is the Pride Parade.  It kicks off at 10:30 AM from Market and Beale St.  I don’t think I’ll be making it out to the parade, but I highly recommend it to anyone who has never experienced it before.  It’s a wonderful event and Chaz Bono and Olympia Dukakis are Grand Marshals this year, so you should check it out!

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