Infinite Line

Posted: June 17, 2011 in motherhood, music, Somewhere in between phases

Today is my oldest son’s last day as an elementary school student. On the grand scale of lifetime milestones, leaving elementary school is probably around a 4 or 5.     Still, knowing that  all those early school day events – the classroom holiday parties, Halloween Parades, recesses, library story times, field days, are coming to an end for him makes me sad.

One morning earlier this year I was watching my son walk across the field into school. Ludovico Einuadi came on my MP3 player  and suddenly that moment became very poignant (cleaning ear wax out of your ears can be poignant while listening to Ludovico Einaudi) Before I knew it I was sitting in my car sobbing over my son growing up and coming into his own as a person.  I went home and wrote a short poem called Chiaroscuro. That poem turned into this song, Infinite Line, here to commemorate the last time my son will walk across that field to his elementary school.

You were something more than fragile
And I was always unprepared
I held my breath and stayed awake for a year
Thinking I could hold you
In midair

The quality of light this morning
Threw the world in sharp relief
I closed my eyes to keep it all in my mind
The shapes and lines, while you walked away from me

The shadows cut across your back
Your silhouette stretched tall over the grass
You and I define a single point
And an infinite line

I tried to keep us in that moment
I want to pull us out of time
We remain connected by the story
But now I see the story isn’t mine

The shadows cut across your back
Your silhouette stretched tall over the grass
You and I define a single point
And an infinite line


  1. Suzette says:

    Paula- yet again I am impressed by you. As I sat in the crook of a tree outside Madeline’s class today (trying to escape all of the fake friendliness going on inside during the end of the year party, which ironically I was supposedly in charge of!) I was pondering our exodus from Ortega and reminiscing about all that has transpired between our arriving and departing, and I was thinking, “Wow, I should really write about this passage, it feels like a real demarcation in our lives, there is so much symbolism and discovery in all of this.” But of course, I let the day get away from me, distracted by the moment to momentness of it all and did not write down any of my reflections. Then…I sign on here, and you have written not only a thoughtful and tender column, but you’ve even written and recorded a freakin SONG! Kudos woman, you inspire me! Sz

  2. Suzette says:

    P.S. I forgot to say you also gifted me a new vocabulary word in “Chiaroscuro” which I had experienced in paintings and movies, but not known there was a word for. I love your use of it here!

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