No Child of Mine

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Dark Phase, images, music



The early morning sky held the color of her skin

You’d been gone for days and I couldn’t sleep again

I poured myself a drink to ease my throbbing head

I poured myself another to help me off to bed

Oh and one to feel that happiness that you could never give

 And one to help me to forget that this is how we live 

 Well this is how we live.

She’d been crying for hours, empty bottle on the floor

Hers or mine, I don’t recall and it don’t matter anymore

I took her in my arms and rocked her off to sleep

I went into the bathroom and ran the water warm and deep

And then I did the one that no one can forgive

And I’m reminded every day, every day I live

Every day I live.

The early morning sky gave way to the darkest day

But the look in your eyes was worth all the time I pay

They came for the story but never got the truth

All those years at your hands, the neglect and the abuse

Yeah, the misery of this life, you know I’ve had my fill

But I can sleep in peace each night knowing

No child of mine ever will



Inspired by the John Updike novel, Run, Rabbit, Run

  1. suzieashby says:

    Wow! I am very impressed. You are very good and I love your work. I am glad you stumbled across me, so I could stumble across you.