In my dream last night

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Dark Phase, Dreams

I was at a mortuary.  The funeral director showed me into a viewing room.  The room was  well-lit with pale yellow walls, industrial beige carpet and recessed lighting around the perimeter.  There were at least two doors into the room, and the main area was down two steps, like a sunken living room from a 70’s movie. 

The body was loosely draped with a white gauzy material,  presented in a large rectangular aquarium in the middle of the room.   Dark circles, like dried pools of blood, marked the eyes beneath the cloth.  Rats, mice and guinea pigs scurried around the corpse.  The funeral director explained that the deceased wished to be viewed with his pets so they could be with him one last time. 

Only a few other people stood around the aquarium coffin.  The deceased had first appeared as an adult, but  was now small, like a child.  I picked out the man and woman who were most likely the parents and I felt terribly sad for them.  And then the room was empty and the corpse boy began moaning and trying to get up.  Knowing his parents would be upset with me for letting the boy get out of his coffin during his funeral, I tried to quiet him.  I told him it wouldn’t be long now, he would just have to be patient until it was time to get buried.  Then I wondered if he had been embalmed. 

The Body

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