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knightressM1Very excited to once again be playing keys with Emily Palen and her genre-defying group, KnightressM1, this Saturday at El Rio in San Francisco.  An added bonus for me is that I will be sharing the stage with fellow Debora Iyall Group alumni (?) Robert Tucker on drums!  Show starts at 9 PM, $7 gets you in the door.   Also on the bill: Swoop Unit and Stymie and The Pimp Jones Luv Orchestra

“Burn” with Pauli Gray


“Say Anything” with Pauli Gray



April seems to be all about doing the work: ¬†tearing down my studio so¬†I can get it water-proofed and remodeled; learning to be flexible with practice time and space when I don’t have a¬†dedicated area; learning new material for upcoming shows.¬† But¬†I’m pretty sure it will all pay off, in some cases¬†as soon as next month.

My biggest news is that I’m playing keys for¬†Debora¬†Iyall’s backing band. I’ve mentioned Debora in a previous post; she was the lead singer of Romeo Void, a seminal post-punk band from the 80’s.¬†¬†¬† The whole situation seems a little too good to be true, so I’ve been very quiet about it, afraid I might jinx it in some way.¬† However, we have a show coming up on Cinco de Mayo at¬†Armandos in Martinez, CA¬†so I guess it’s time to make it official.

And here’s a preview of¬†some of the music¬†you’ll be hearing if you make it out to the show:



A Jimi¬†Hendrix tribute performed by the very talented Stev¬†Ohanis (guitar), Dave Wenger (bass) and John Tucker (drums) will kick off the evening, and I’ll even play a few solo songs before the main event.

Later on in the month of May, on th 22nd,  I have a show at El Rio with special guest Zoid.







Thanks to everyone who came out to the show on Tuesday, October 4th!   It was a completely enjoyable evening, having the chance to play some music, spend some time with friends and make a few new ones.

Picture courtesy of Gina Montel


Picture courtesy of Damaris Whitfield


Picture courtesy of Gina Montel


In the past 72 hours I have:

- Donated supplies to the Occupy San Franciso base camp.

- Eaten wasabi coated roasted seaweed. Yum!

- Been amazed at how well my 4 yr old can swing on his own.

- Completed 7 videos to accompany my live performance at El Rio on Tuesday October, 4th (7 pm sharp, in case you are wondering).

- Engaged in melee combat with 4 other fighters, all of us armed with bokkens.  I was defeated in every single round.

- Completed many loads of laundry and dishes.

- Practiced music for my El Rio show and also the show I will be playing in Second Life tomorrow afternoon.

- Promised my 11 yr old that this afternoon when he gets home from school I will play the level of VVVVVV he created.

- Hiked up Mori Point and marveled at the color of the ocean.

- Read about an Oklahoma woman, a mother to 11 children, who is now attending¬† Harvard and thought to myself, “I should be doing more.”